Terms & Conditions.
Dealer agrees to follow the proper procedures issued by DWC on all Forms and Agreements
supplied by DWC to the Dealer and to Fax / Email the completed Agreement forms to DWC
at the time of sale without delay.  Dealer agrees that eligible vehicles include only those
vehicles that qualify under the DWC Dealer Guideline Procedures and the vehicle is in sound
mechanical condition at the time of sale of the Agreement.  Dealer agrees that any
misrepresentation of facts by the Dealer to DWC for the purpose of securing or selling a DWC
Service Contract / Warranty Agreement shall constitute a material breach of this Agreement.
DWC has the sole right to reject any Warranty / Service Contract Agreement and return the
same to the selling Dealer.  Dealer agrees to market DWC Service Contracts / Warranties to
each purchaser of qualified new or pre-owned vehicles sold by His / Her Dealership.  The DWC
Dealer Guidelines determine which vehicles are eligible for a Warranty / Service Contract
Agreement.  Any violation of the DWC Guideline Program Procedures by the Dealer will result
in the denial of coverage for the ineligible vehicle.  Denied coverage shall be the sole responsibility
of the Dealer.  Dealer agrees to refund the purchaser of the Service / Warranty the Dealers retained
portion (profit) of the Service Contract cost on a pro-rated basis int he event of a cancellation and
refund of the Agreement at the request of DWC due to total loss or repossession of the vehicle
covered under the Vehicle Warranty / Service Contract Agreement or by mandated State Laws.
IN WITNESS WHERETO, the parties hereto have executed this Agreement on the Date by their
signatures below.  Dealer agrees He / She has read, any questions have been explained and Dealer
fully understands the DWC Procedures and Dealer's obligations listed by His / Her initials of this
agreement prior to the signing of this Agreement.