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Great products and service start with great people. With over a century of combined experience in the automotive space, Diamond Warranty Corp. is an industry-leading extended warranty plan administrator since 2006. Our portfolio contains world-class Vehicle Service Contracts, Gap Insurance, and Ancillary products backed by AmTrust Financial.  

Why Choose Diamond Warranty?
Diamond Warranty offers the industry's best extended warranty coverage priced to fit every driver's budget. Diamond Warranty products help our authorized providers to expand their business platform and provide driver's with confidence in their vehicle.

Vehicle Protection Plans
Click below to view our full portfolio of vehicle protection plans backed by AmTrust Financial. 

Ancillary Products
Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance

Tire & Wheel Protection

Vehicle Theft Protection

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There is no cost or fee to become a Diamond Warranty authorized provider. Simply click below to complete Dealer Enrollment Form. 

Become a Diamond Warranty authorized provider today to access our full product portfolio available in 38 states. 

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